Bulgarian properties for sale

This website is for visitors to be able to list their properties for others to see and contact them about. And of course for others to join on and find the perfect property fort them.

Bulgarian holiday rent

Features Included in Taste of Bulgaria Property Listing

The main features for this website is for the user to be able to create an acount from the front end of the website and also post to the site safely with relative permissions.

It needs to be easy enough for anyone wanting to list their property to be able to make an account and alos post to the site to show some details and pictures.

Security is a must for sites like this as you will be giving anyone access to the login in page to your WordPress site. So by installing the right plugins and permissions your able to have humans log on safely.

Along with ReCaptcha on log in forms and in other places, this site is fully geared up for any bot or spam attacks and will use its many features we have added to keep you protected and only human visitors able to make an acount.

Online Forms

For a website like this you will need forms for logins, registration, forgotten passwords and of course listing your properties.

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Taste of Bulgaria Listing Page

With that we created a profile that users can edit them self’s, add backgrounds or profile pictures and also use nicknames rather than their full names for privacy.

Price and Overview For Product

Time taken to create Website: 2 days

Cost of Website: £99

Features Included:

  • GDPR Cookie Consent
  • Security, general, firewall and malware
  • Costumer Log in, Profile
  • Customer Posting Service
  • Product Categories
  • Analytics
  • Image Optimization

To get a free quote feel free to check our packages and send us a message for a quote.


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