How to Install and Use EssentialsX Plugin For Minecraft Server

How to install and use EssentialsX plugin on your Minecraft server. We go through installation, config and also in game commands. With over 130 commands they have made server work much easier with all the features available. They have not only shortened down known commands but added other ones for your use. From kitty cannons to instant growing large trees they really have covered all the corners. Some of the features included are: – TP / TPA / TPR – /Home and /Sethome – /Warps – /Pay /balance / topbalance /sell hand – Sign shops – Mail system And it works well with 90% of the plugins currently out there. It also has its own worth.yml pricing all the items in the server fairly. Setting the worth has also been made super easy.

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Posted on August 21, 2022

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